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The Avener - Fade Out Lines
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The abstraction of model and artist photos found in periodicals and advertising:

Use of color, pixel enhancements, and some overlay.

... attempts to use pixels as a tools of expression. I eventually came to see the pixelizaton of many images as commentary in and of itself...

Circa 2004-2007

                                   From the Pixel Frida mini-set

Picture 1 219 copy 2.jpeg
SOHO MYRIAD 1 019_2 copy 4.jpg

The one exception to the time frame is this overlay of Kate Moss,

reworked while living in Jalan Besar, Singapore in 2011.

022 copy 2.jpg
glitter blue asia 2 copy 5.jpeg
GLOBALIZATION 701 copy 6.jpeg
Picture 1 4215 copy.jpg
burma purge copy 6.jpg
burmesa_2_2_2 copy 4.jpg

The Burmesa Series ( I know. The name was meant to be absurd at the outset).

Using a small black and white photo from a fashion magazine, I worked variations using color and pixelization.

PICTURE 1 1147 COPY copy 2.jpeg
Picture 1 247 copy 4.jpg
Picture 1 1033 copy 4.jpeg
PICTURE 1 062 COPY 4 2 copy.jpeg

The Pixel Kate series.

small pix 3 040 copy 5.jpeg
small pix 3 006_2 copy 3.jpeg
gallery- manila splash copy 6.jpeg
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