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... from abstract work headlong into Street Photography.

... the hidden art elements found on the streets.

Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and one shot from Paris.

Manila barrios and the Umbrella protest movement in Hong Kong. 

Street Photography is Situationist. It is art in its most elementary form:

It is raw, it is base, it is spur.


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A temporary departure from the street work to two model projects: "Two Meilings" and "Clovie."

A personally dark time, living in a Motel 6 size apartment with a communal bathroom in Little India-

But a great location for street photography.

Also, it was within walking distance to LaSalle College of the Arts, where I critiqued the work of film students. It was also during this time that I studied French Situationist theory.

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