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Valeron & Dim Zach Gardenias
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The abstract images on this page are from earlier photographs, 2003- 2008.  In those days, 3 meg cameras were considered 'cutting edge.' 
"There is something profoundly American in your work, .... e.g. Hopper. I look at thousands of images weekly. I have not seen anything like your work. Authentic.  A very special take on the world, and your labenswelt (lived world)..."
- Don Noyes-More, Editor and Chief, Downtown L.A. Life Magazine
clermont motor hotel, ponce, atlanta_2 c
sodom gate copy 6.jpeg
     copy 2.jpeg
clermont tower copy 6.jpeg
the department store, atlanta copy 8.jpe
over copy 2 2 copy 3.jpeg

Impressionist/color abstractions of images of South Beach, Miami facades. Circa 2003

SOUTH BEACH FACADE 12_2 COPY 6 copy.jpeg
Picture 1 2615 copy 2.jpeg
lifeguard roof 2 copy 2.jpg
Picture 1 2628 copy 2.jpeg
995699 033 copy 2.jpeg

Continued experimentation with low pixelization.

Application of overlays using various historical and journalist photos.

WEST BANK HOLIDAY_2_2 COPY 3 copy.jpeg
after the fandango  copy 6.jpeg
GLOBALIZATION 847 COPY 2 copy.jpeg
GOLDEN AGE  SERIES 269_2 COPY 2 copy.jpe
CRUSADER TANK_2_2 COPY 2 copy.jpeg
NNNNIH 046 COPY 2 copy.jpeg
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